Since LEV2050, we have carried out a number of collaborations with other companies, looking to continue innovating and improving performance in the industrial microbiology sector, specifically in the wine sector.

CutterGrap (patented)

Patented equipment that allows increases the color index in the red wines.


CutterGrap produces small cuts or tears in the skin of the grape, in order to increase the contact surface for a better and faster extraction of color and others antioxidant components, present in the matrix composition of the grape during the fermentation process.


Through this procedure you get more hydroalcoholic solubility, also causing an increase in the extraction of polyphenols and anthocyanins. Those are beneficial for the wine colour index as well as on its antioxidants content, improving the process of fermentation and final result.


The only company in the world capable of drying wine.

We are successfully dedicated to dry wine and all kinds of alcoholic beverages and juices. We have developed the technology to obtain the wine extract through a technological process that respects the essential characteristics of the original product.


The product we offer is a powdered extract of your own wine/drink for the following purposes:

In our laboratory we carry out quality tests and we make a recommendation for the appropriate dose, depending on the treatment desired:

• Improve structure and organoleptic profile.

• Increase the colouring intensity and the total polyphenols index in reds.

• Greater protection against oxidation.