Eonological products

Via fermentation


Nutrient containing special yeasts lysates rich in amino acids, peptides and cofactors for yeast cellular metabolism.

85% organic. 20 gr/Hl increases 50mg/L the FAN.

Application stage:

• CASKING: for FAN < 180.
• EXPONENTIAL PHASE: for density decreases of -5/-10 units. 




Mixed nutrient, provides adequate nutrition on critical fermentation moments, preventing reductions.
60% organic. 20 gr/Hl increases 40 mg/L the FAN.

Application stage:

• CASKING: for FAN < 180.
• EXPONENTIAL PHASE: for density decreases of -5/-10 units



Product with unique composition conceived to remove toxin accumulation excreted by yeast metabolism.

Application stage:

• CASKING: combined with INI-LEV for an increased cell formation and toxicity reduction.

• MID/END FERMENTATION: add to a density of 1.020-1.030 for prevention. It is possible to increase the amount for lower densities or decelerated fermentation.



A mixture rich in amino acids, peptides and cofactors designed to provide the necessary nutrition to the yeast during the fermentation of red, white and rosé wines.

Application stage:

• CASKING: for FAN < 180.
• EXPONENTIAL PHASE: for density decreases of -5/-10 units.


M2 y M8®

Yeast lysates produced from selected strains with structural properties of specific protein and polyssacharide cell wall composition.

These lysates contribute to the wine with an enhanced structure and sweetness, and reduction in bitterness and astringency.

M2 recommended for white and red wines.
M8 recommended for red wines.

Lactic bacteria

Lactic bacteria OENO2050

It’s a lactic bacterium of negative histidine genotype.
It presents high fruity expression in wines after fermentation.

It keeps good acidity, increases volume in the mouth.

Wine quality improvement:

Flavor and structure

Automatation and traceability:

User-friendly equipment


Yeast and LAB multiplication

Security and control

During starter production process


They provide the optimum conditions for growth so that the yeast/lactic bacteria retains its cycle of multiplication throughout the process, which ensures the presence of new generations of individuals.



It is also designed for Cuba’s foot and pulling out of sparkling. Automation of the growth, acclimation and maintenance of the yeast for second fermentation.

Oenological products via reactor

Ecologic oenological products


Culture of growing for the growth of yeasts in bioreactors.
Its composition provides all nutrients necessary to favour the optimum and pure growth of yeast.


Culture of growing for yeast growth.
It provides protectors that fortify the cell membrane and contains adsorbents that withdraw toxic from the middle during the formation and acclimation of cuba’s foot in the BR-CV bioreactors.

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