Avoid standardization creating wines with character and singularity

LEV2050’s vision is to flourish the winery’s micro-terroir through a selection of its own yeast and LAB, and a targeted nutritional study. 


This approach clearly promotes a more sustainable ecosystem, limiting the fermentation process to the autochthonous microorganisms and avoiding the introduction of exogenous strains.

Selection studies

1. Autochthonous yeast selection study for primary fermentation
2. Autochthonous yeast selection study for secondary fermentation
3. Autochthonous lactic acid bacteria selection study
4. Personalized nutrition study

5. Studies on wine without sulfurous

LEV2050 is finally offering studies for the creation of wines without sulfurous addition. It was a clear objective for us based on the shift of the market towards reducing the use of this agent during wine-making.

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6. Studies on the increase of alcoholic yield
The main approach of this study is to explore the optimal fermentation conditions of various yeast in order to maximize alcoholic yield during sugar conversion.

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